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CCSF Spring 2017 RN Program

xsoymilk xsoymilk (New) New Nurse

Just checking to see who on allnurses is attending the CCSF RN program starting Spring 2017 :)

I'm so excited! Uniform fitting is tomorrow. Have you guys seen the textbook prices. Ohhhh my

I am! I'll be at the uniform fitting today at 11am, my name is Anat. Long black hair: )

@xsoymilk do you need any textbooks? I have all books that you need for 1st semester, including uniform.

Please feel free to contact me at:

(Five-one-zero) Three-Nine-Four, Four-Zero-Three-Nine.

Hi guys!

I graduated from CCSF's program in December. I loved it! If you have any questions/need advice, feel free to contact me! I also have books, NCLEX study materials, etc.

madrichelle @ gmail


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