CCRN Retake


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I took the CCRN in April and did not pass. I made an 87 and needed an 89 to pass. I know that the CCRN is changing to a new format on October 15th 2015. Should I take the test again before the format changes or take it after the new format comes into play. Just looking for friendly advice. Thank you in advance.

hawaiicarl, BSN, RN

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I would try to take it before October. The current study materials are based on the current exam, it will be awhile before resources will be put out for the new content.



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Thanks hawaiicarl. I agree with this sentiment. I have a good amount of study material for this version of the test. I should probably suck it up and just register for the exam and pass it before October.


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retake before october and focus on the previous weak areas! Good luck


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Download the pocket prep CCRN app in itunes or google - it's really helpful and provides refs to the AACN Essentials of Critical Care Nursing book. It's free - worth a try to see if it helps you. Good luck!