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CCRN for Burn Nurses

by NervousRN NervousRN (New) New

I am thinking about getting my CCRN. I am a new grad and I just started this week working in the Burn unit. I know our cases vary but is it a good idea to have? I have ACLS and PALS but there is so much going on it seems like, from surgery (which is on our unit), post-op care, acute patients, peds, and so much more!


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Go for it! Burns have multisystem effects. They can be extremely complicated or not... regardless, you will be be providing critical or acute care for burn victims.

CCRN is the best career move. You will learn more and feel more confident in your nursing care.

Good Luck!

Zuzu Romano, CEN, CCRN-CMC ;)

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