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Case Management Nurses Week Contest!

Case Management Nurses make an impact every day. In recognition of hard-working nurses everywhere, the gracious team at CCMC is rewarding you with the chance to win a share of the $500 in total prizes!

Contest ends October 22nd!

What are the rules?


All you need to do is submit your motivational quote to one or both of the questions below. We will select 2 winners each receiving a $250 gift card. It's easy. What are you waiting for?

A Word From Our Sponsor

Mentorship matters! We want to know: What inspires you? Submit your favorite inspirational quotes below!

Quote #1

What were some words of wisdom or advice you received from a mentor that most influenced you?

Provide your motivation quote #1

Quote #2

What quote do you use to motivate your teams and colleagues?

Provide your motivation quote #2
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