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ccbc essex nursing fall 2017

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Hello everyone. My name is Emily.

(I'm new to the site here and not sure how to use it completely yet.)

I got into CCBC Essex day program for the fall of 2017 and was wondering who else got in as well. Also, I would like to start a study group with anyone who wants to join me, so we can support eachother and survive nursing school together lol. I feel it is better to go in to nursing school knowing people around you to help you with getting off to a good start. It even helps take some of the nervousness and jitters away knowing someone is there to help.

Reply to say if you got into Essex day nursing program and if you would want to possibly be in a study group with me.

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Hi Emily,

I just came across your post. How has your nursing program experience been so far if you don't mind me asking? I got accepted into Essex Days for this upcoming Fall. Do you have any tips, tricks, advice? I'm sooo nervous because of the things I hear

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