caution re: new visascreen extension for Canadian Nurses

by bashy bashy Member

Just a note of warning to all you Canadian nurses who are under the new visascreen extension 2005. My friend who works in CT her husband stopped into one of the immigation offices inquiring about the new paperwork for the extension, all the immigration officers that were in the office told him they knew nothing about any extension for Canadian nurses. They have been told to turn away anyone who does not have a visascreen period. They told him that just last week they turned away a nurse who had been in the country prior to 2003. So find out the facts before you decide to travel. I know at the CGFNS site they have new information stating that Candian nurses who fall under this extension can travel to and from the U.S.A no problem. So someone is wrong.

suzanne4, RN

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It has been on all of the international visa sites about the extension. So more than likely, the border guards haven't received it yet.

I personally would not chance it. Or print out a copy and take it with you.

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