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Is that unusual/hard to get into an interventional cath lab with one year of ccu nursing experience and nursing experience in general?


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This will depend on the particular lab(s) you're applying to. If they have low turnover and/or a bunch of applicants, they might not consider your experience to be enough. My Cath lab used to be this way, but lately we have a hard time getting applicants, and we're taking on new grads. In any event, you need to be very comfortable with managing a sick/critical pt while having little-to-no input from the doc. Even though you have a cardiologist in the room, they are usually very focused on the intervention and will be counting on you to be watching and managing the rhythm/BP/SpO2/etc. 

All that is not to discourage you. In fact, I think CCU is one of the very best areas to come to Cath lab from. Best of luck!