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Cath Lab nursing

by FerRN FerRN Member

I am on my first travel cath lab assignment, my pay is ok, its more than I was making as a staff nurse. However, my recruiter is sending me quotes for new positions. They seem awfully low to me. Can anyone give me an idea of what a cath lab nurse should be making as a traveler?

No numbers quoted here would make a bit of sense, the only way to answer this question to your satisfaction is to start calling other agencies. You need to be signed up with more than one agency for multiple reasons, and determining what is "fair pay" is just one of them. Call lots of agencies, and sign up with the ones that you feel like you communicate well with.

In general, most traveler contracts pay between $40 and $50 an hour in total compensation, but I would expect cath lab to be consistently on the higher end of that scale, or even higher. Even these numbers won't make sense here without a reference point which you can get for yourself by going to PanTravelers calculator and plugging in your current compensation.