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Cath Lab competency exams

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I've been a critical care and ICU nurse for 10 years. 5 years of that has been in the cath lab. I have applied for a position in another state which requires I take a cath lab competency exam. I am a terrible test taker and this really scares me. Does anyone have any information on the contents of the exam or ever taken one?

I can only speak to my experience. I recently took a similar test when I went into the cath lab. My test was basically questions regarding TR bands, Hypothermia protocols / arctic sun use / moderate sedation and reversal agents etc basic ekg interpretation i.e. v-fib, a-fib etc. Sheath removals and some ballon pump questions. I have to say I came from an ER environment and didn't find it to difficult. I think with your background you should do fine. Usually they give you a quick refresher by power point.


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