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I am in case mix state, I have a patient that was discharged to hospital on 5/18 and we opened today a quarterly combined with discharged to capture the IV received on 5/18.

My concerns is for interview I don't like to dash, especially I heard that survey will tag for dashing interviews. Also is it ok to open a quarterly with ARD 5/18 and today we're 5/ 21


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Yes you can combine the quarterly on 5/18. Unfortunately only a dash (not assessed) applies to the interviews. Since you have up to the ARD to conduct interviews, you can document - "Interviews due but not completed by 5/18. Resident transferred to hospital."

On the other hand, you can schedule the quarterly on return (maybe a Sig change too). If resident received IVF or IV med in hospital, you can capture them within the required time frame.


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What type of IV was received? Check the look back period depending on if it is fluids (section K) or medication (section O)- you may be able to move your ARD out a few more days to give time for the interviews to be completed and still get the IV captured.