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    I'm interested in case management and wondering if RN Case Managers are still in use. I heard of RN case managers being replaced by social workers. What's the job market like in the NJ area and the prospects being a RN case manager.

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  3. by   SummerGarden
    I do not know specifically about your region of the country. However, due to changes in Health Care, RN CMs with work experience and certs are in demand.
  4. by   illsince83
    i cant say anything about the nj area but i live in california and they are very much in high demand. with the economy being the way it is, hospitals are looking to save money any way they can. case management and utilization reviews are necessary in saving money for hospitals so qualified individuals are finding jobs.
  5. by   331kak
    I'm working for an insurance co, doing NCM work. When I started, one of the other nurses would tell me about " head-hunting" calls that she would get from other insurers recruiting her. If that's any indication about demand.