Maternal-child health programs

  1. Help, please!

    I am looking for programs or initiatives that focus on helping teen or other at-risk new moms make the transition into motherhood - programs that start with the prenatal period and follow the moms/kids until the child's 2nd or 3rd birthday, for example. I'm a student nurse and when I get out of school, I would like to (eventually, at least) work with this kind of program.

    Because it involves both maternal and child health, I am having a hard time knowing what exactly to search for on the Web. I have found one program, the Nurse-Family Partnership, that does this kind of work. Does anybody know of other programs? Is there a particular name or catch-phrase for this kind of nursing initiative?

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    PS - I am posting this message on several bulletin boards...I figure if I approach it from the different angles of ob/gyn, peds, home health, case management, etc., maybe I can find something!
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