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  1. Can anyone help me w/ basic info regarding CM? I am an MDS / Care Plan Coordinator currently, and am becoming someone I do not like. I really feel a change coming on. I have a pretty new PC at home w/ a new fax / scanner / copier, and would love to find out how I can use my nursing skills to work from home, although I would also consider something close to home for now if it did not involve weekends / holidays. (Family is first, don't ya know!) I have some floor experience, but none of it was in a hospital. Can an Associate's Degree RN become a case manager? Or must I have a Bachelor's or Master's? I know some about UR for our Medicare residents, but I really don't know much about insurance / workman's comp. Can someone offer advice on how to get started?
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  3. by   ryaninmtv
    Sounds like you could very well get started in case management. While some hospital experience is helpful, it certainly is not mandatory. I have found that organizational skills and the ability to work with people rank high on what is required to be a case manager. Don't worry about the ADN. A number of the nurses I work with (including your truly) are AD RNs. Not a problem. Check with your local CMSA chapter or their web site at . There are a lot of resources on what case management is and what the marketplace is looking for in prospective case managers. Good Luck!