Geriatric Case Management

  1. Hi,
    I am very interested in Cae Mgt with the elderly. I have been researching the field and I think it is great. I have a BS in HR Management. My question is do you have to be a social worker or nurse? Can I get a gerontology degree and get certified to become a case mgr. Also, how much do geriatric case manager's make?

    Thanks for the imput
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  3. by   aaskgonzalez
    Good luck with your plans, but I must inform you that breaking into the Geriatric Case Management role is a challenge. It took me 5 years to gain access into this elite form of case management (although I have many years of experience). The pay was fine, in Washington, DC 3 years ago, I made about 55K/year. I was working on my Master's at the time, and if I had that I would have made more.

    Generally, GCM's are RN's (for disease management purposes) and MSW's. Although it's not an exclusive thing. I would recommend starting with APS or the AOA, their pay is lower but the experience is TOP NOTCH!