Critical/Clinical Pathways

  1. I have been given the joyous job of evaluating and further developing clinical pathways in our Medical Ward. These are the latest fad of our State's Public Health System. There is no eradicating them.
    We have poor acceptance by nursing and no acceptance by medical staff. If anyone has copies of pathways for any of the multitude of medical conditions I would appreciate contact. Anyone with ideas to make these plans simple easy to read, follow and fill..Help!
    Your assistance will be formally acknowledged in my reports and compilation of data/paths.
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  3. by   Janice RNBSN
    Here are 2 resources for you-I used these for a paper I did for a case management class.
    1. "Clinical pathways for collaborative practice" by Ignatavicius and Hausman, WB Saunders publisher, 1995.
    2. "Clinical Paths in Medical-Surgical Practice" by Birdsall and Sperry, Mosby publisher 1997.

    Before you actually get into the meat of implemetation, I would suggest that you gather together an interdisciplinary task force who could champion the cause. Make sure that you have top-level management behind you first, or you're wasting your time.