Anthem RN Field LTSS Service Coordintor

  1. Hi everyone! I currently work per diem n LTC, and love it, but don't want to do it full time. I think I've read every single post about Anthem, but can't find anything about the RN Field LTSS Service Coordinator position. (I am in NJ). Does anyone work for them in this capacity? According to Anthem, this is mainly a work-from-home and in-the-field position, with occasional time in the office. I'm curious to know what a day is like in this position, and what the office culture is like, as well. Most of what I've read about Anthem has been positive, but there have been a few negative posts about computers/screens/keystrokes being monitored, etc...Not that I would have anything to hide--I'm hardworking and honest. I just don't really know how I feel about that whole "big brother is watching" mentality...
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