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carrying your Smartphone?

mvawter mvawter (New) New

I cannot survive without my Smartphone! I use various reference apps hourly to do my job, but carrying my phone and keeping it safe is an issue.

How do others carry their phone so that it does not fall out or weigh down their scrubs?

Thanks in advance

Pangea Reunited, ASN, RN

Has 6 years experience.

I use mine all the time for work, too. I never feel like it's going to fall out, but I do hate the weighed-down feeling it creates. Lately, I find myself leaving it sitting face down on my COW- even unattended. I guess something bad could happen to it, but it's just a stupid phone and I can buy a new one :)


Has 8+ years experience.

I wear scrub pants that have a side cargo pocket. It's snug enough that the phone doesn't fall out easily and actually is the perfect position for pulling the phone out to do a quick time check. I don't have a problem with it weighing my pants down.