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Career switchers are you satisfied with you switch?

  1. 1. Career switchers are you satisfied with you switch?

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      What's the main reason for your switch to nursing?
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      Do you have any regrets switching to nursing?
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      If you could do it all over again what other career would you have chosen besides nursing?

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Career Switchers what was your career prior to nursing, why did you choose nursing and are you more successful and satisfied in nursing then in your prior career and why? Are there any regrets in your switch?

iPink, BSN, RN

Specializes in Critical Care, Postpartum. Has 7 years experience.

It's hard to actually click a response in your poll when they are all questions...

After graduation, I landed a job as a senior research analyst and I loved what I did. Unfortunately when the economy hit and my company had to do their massive layoffs, I decided to stop looking for a job in my field and instead head back to school for nursing. I didn't come to that decision lightly. I consulted current nurses (LPNs & RNs) and a doctor and I also researched opportunities for nurses. I too thought there was a nursing shortage, but still chose to enter the field fully aware finding a job may be difficult. And it was. But I was confident the benefits would outweigh the risks. When I finally landed my first RN job, initially, I sorely regretted my decision. However, I found solace in knowing that what I was feeling was quite normal for new nurses.

After moving into my "niche" I became content with my decision. I enjoy the patient population I work with. At first I missed the M-F with no weekends and major holidays, but I really enjoy my occasional 4 days off in a row schedule. In the future, I will eventually move out of bedside and go back to that type of work schedule.

If I had the opportunity to do it all over again, I would have stuck with my decision to go into nursing when I first entered college knowing I would have had more than a decade worth of experience by now.