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career change ED to OB

Denise81 Denise81 (New) New

Hello everyone!

I graduated from nursing school in Germany 2005 where I worked 2 years in Med/Surg and 3 years in the ER. After moving to Colorado and passing my Boards I got a job in the ER of a level 1 traumacenter. I figured to stay with what I know after making such a big change. Now after a little more than 1 year I feel like I have to change something. During nursing school I spend a while on a OB/GYN floor and loved the mother and baby and nursery. I got to see a couple of births and c-sections but in Germany you can not work in L+D as a nurse, you have to be a midwife. Because of my ER experience I have ACLS and ENPC. All positions out there look for experience in the career field. But how do I get it? Do you think volunteering would be an option? Any sugestions?


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