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career change & advice

shabhu shabhu (New) New

Hi everyone,

Looking for advice. Nursing was my second career and I have worked as a nurse for 2 years (one year med/surg, one year dialysis). Currently, I am in a temporary clinical informatics until the fall. I'm almost 30 and wondering what to do career-wise because buying a home and marriage is on the horizon.

I am debating to continue in informatics or work for the government (I live in Canada). During COVID, I completed an introduction to project management class which was enjoyable and that is another avenue.

My concern is leaving the safety net of the hospital (hospital pension, opportunities) for a risky career move entering my 30s. Also, I am wondering if I should go back to school again which I am not against, but I want a CLEAR career path.

Love to hear other opinions, especially those who shifted between the public or private sectors. Thanks!


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