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I just moved to AZ and am interviewing for a Women and Infant Services float position. It is open for new grads and new to service. I have been an RN for 5 years, and in the last 4, have discovered that this is my passion.

This position floats to antepartum, L&D, and post-partum. It's also known for dealing with high risk moms of multiples.

So can I start this new job, which is 3 12's, as well as start back for my rn-bsn at the same time (one year program), and make time for my hubby and 2 kids? Am I crazy?

Someone tell me I can do it all please!

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Is the RN-BSN program online? If so, then I think you absolutely can do it!

Is the position in Phoenix?



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Yes it's online and yes it's in Phoenix. Thanks for the encouragement