Care Plans in an outpatient setting

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It is anticipated Joint Commission will be surveying our facility soon (possibly Monday). I work in an outpatient setting which focuses on cardiac caths, ep procedures, and open heart surgeries. For the patients undergoing open heart surgery, it is assumed that they must have a plan of care since they will be admitted and will be staying X amount of days. I am not sure what would be different about the patient undergoing a cardiac cath even if it is a diagnostic pre-op work up, because there is always a potential to stay over night in our setting. But for whatever reason certain members of our team do not feel it is necessary to document a care plan on outpatient procedures. We also perform TEE and cardioversions within this unit which will most definitely be discharged post procedure. I would like to get feedback on this and if you have any insight as to what are the standards and expectations for Joint Commission in terms of care plans in an outpatient setting? If you have a reference site, that would be even better. Thanks in advance.