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cardiothoracic surgery


Hi all, this is my first post after stumbling across the site yesterday by accident, im about to start work in the private sector primarily dealing with cardiothoracic surgery.Having being out of work for a few months I feel ill prepared to just go in and feel confident about the speciality.

Could anyone recommed some background reading ? I havent really been able to find anything specific which will be of help post 2003.

any suggestions guys?

Thanks in advance


Has 2 years experience.

"Cardiac Surgery Essential for Critical Care Nursing"

It was published in 2010 and it's great. It's especially helpful because it's specifically for nurses. For me, it was the most helpful for learning about drips...for CT surgery, knowing a drip will raise or lower blood pressure isn't enough. You have to know if it act on alpha, beta-1, or beta-2 receptors, how strongly it affects each one, etc., and it covers all of that. It doesn't get super in depth on hemos, but there is enough information to start with.

I couldn't recommend this book enough!


Has 2 years experience.

I don't remember, just google it, it's the only one!