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Cardiology in Wichita Falls

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Hello! :)

I'm Floridian, and I am possibly moving to Wichita Falls, TX later on this year. Super excited and nervous haha. I've had 6 years of cardiac experience in a major hospital in FL (both in PCU and ICU) and truly love it. What hospital in Wichita Falls would you recommend for cardiac services? Where would you send your family members? :) I am hoping to land in some sort of cardiovascular ICU unit.

Also, can anyone tell me how the pay is for an experienced nurse?

Looking forward to hearing your responses :D

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Howdy! Welcome to the Texas Forum.

I'm sure someone with Wichita Falls knowledge will be coming along soon.

There is pretty much only one hospital in wichita, United Regional. The other hospital, Kell west, is basically a glorified outpatient surgery center. United regional does have a large cardiac unit. If you wanted to look at their jobs its, www.unitedregional.org. Many years ago when i worked there a new nuse on a medsurg floor started at $22 an hour but I am sure that it has increased. hope that helps