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  1. I am a hospital trained registered nurse in Australia. Have Bch Nursing and Grad Dip Critical care as well as 25yrs experience in most hospital areas, (10 yrs ICU/CCU)I would like to work for about 12 mths in rural areas. Does anyone have any suggestions about the best way to do this and any thoughts on previous experience working with Aussies nurses. Are we much different from you guys?

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    A great way to do this would be to sign on with a "traveler" nurse agency. With your experience you can just about pick any region of the US to go. The pay up in the Pacific Northwest is good, yet the cost of living is going up as well. We have CCU/ICU jobs vacant at every major hospital. As long as you can hold your own, other nurses would love to have you. We have nurses from other parts of the world in our unit, none from Australia though. We do have docs from Australia and New Zealand, so fitting in, especially in a multi-cultural area would not be difficult.