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  1. Hello all! I'm looking to hear from any RN's who are employed by cardiologists, especially those who venture into the hospital setting or act as a liaison between the office and the hospital. I am curious to hear about the job duties involved in such a job. I have over 12 years critical care experience, 3 years of which have focused entirely on cardiology.

    Thanks for your time!
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  3. by   LoveANurse09
    A few of the nurses who have worked on our unit have recently done this. I don't,but here's what I've seen inpatient. The nurses do the floor rounding with the docs,enter their orders into the computer, and act as the liason between the doc and nurse. Basically meaning we page them with questions or lab results, or "hey so and so needs a script before he goes home" or " hey, do you want to keep so and so npo today in case the doc wants to cath her?" Little things like that.