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I'm a new grad and just interviewed for an internship in the Critical Care Dept of a large hospital. I am interested in getting into a Cath Lab eventually. What I need to know is what is the best... Read More

  1. by   heartlover07

    I appreciate the insight about the CCL. I am sure it will be hard no matter what I do before hand, but I am also the type that gets bored VERY easy, so for me to get into a position that takes that long to even get a good base, well that's right up my alley! If not, then I can always go somewhere else, the OR is my second choice, guess I like the idea of one patient at a time!
  2. by   bertea
    surgeons are always our rescue, although we do not like them. why? simple: they don't take cardiogenic shock, our biggest problem. fortunately, rare problem.

    to come to topic, my answer would be