What exactly is Cardiac nursing?

  1. Also what is required of a cardiac nurse?

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  3. by   hoolahan
    Cardiac nursing refers to nurses who work with cardiac pt's primarily, or the pt's cardiac dignosis is the primary problem they are facing with this peisode of illness. Nurses who work in CCU's and on telemetry units, in cardiopulmonary rehabs, who work in cardiologists offices and in CT ICU's are of few examples of where you would find cardiac pt's.

    Requirements? Reading telemetry and 12 lead EKG's, knowledge of hemodynamics, not just with swan ganz catheters, but knowing how to recognize low cardiac output in a pt w/o a swan as well. Knowing how meds affect the hemodynamic status and teaching pt's about cardiac disease and how to keep themselves healthy.

    Hope that helps.