What exactly happens with a preceptor

  1. Looking for any insight as to what exactly this 12 week preceptorship that I'm about to begin is all about.. is it like being innursing school, where I'm assigned to a nurse to shadow each shift during that time frame? Or do I get assigned my own patients while working with this preceptor to have more-so as a mentor on the same shift as me?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    That's very facility dependent and something you should have asked during the interview.

    Some facilities start out with a slightly smaller patient assignment, others don't. Some have you work with the same preceptor the entire orientation, others don't.
  4. by   Koalified
    New grad orientation is usually about 3 months in good facilities. I worked in a place where the preceptors were told by management that the preceptor and preceptee were to work on all five pts together. What actually happened though was that the preceptee would take 1 or 2 pts that he/she is responsible for. The preceptor would be primary for the remaining pts but would oversee/supervise/assist with the preceptee's pts. Gradually as the preceptee gets more experience, the pt load would increase until she/he becomes primary RN for all 5 pts.