thinking about going into cardiac nursing

  1. I'm still in nursing school (I'll be done in December ) and I want to work in an ICU but I know a lot of ICU's do not hire new grads and require at least a year or two of med-surg experience. I used to work on a tele floor (as a nursing I work as a nurse tech on a different floor in a different hospital) and I really liked it...would cardiac nursing be the way to go if I plan on working in the ICU one day?
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  3. by   sarobynk
    it depends what kind of icu you are looking for, a surgical icu would probably prefer spcu experience, but you can never go wrong with cardiac experience. I was lucky enough to start in a cardiac medical icu right out of school. It is very intimidating and you really realize how much you don't know, getting atleast a year on the floor is good advice.