Registering the outcomes in Cardic surgery

  1. Hi everybody,

    In the Netherlands, it is yet no practice to work with nursing diagnoses, interventions (NIC) and nursing outcomes (NOC). It is here, in my country, a new generation of nursing.
    For the last 6 years, it's general in school, but only the highest degree. It takes years before we are using outcomes in the NANDA-language in the hospital.
    Now we use a clinical path, written in terms ... far from the nursing domain.

    My question:
    How are you practicing these outcomes next to the patient? How does your scorelist look like? Can you send me a copy, or a 'printscreen'?
    I'm specialy interested in your Cardial Surgery outcomes of CABG, but other lists of other specialties a welcome.

    Thank you, and I'm sorry for my bad english.

    Friso, (The Hague, Holland)
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  3. by   RN12345656
    I have something that you can use as a tool. Private msg me and I will help!