Prioritizing in the Cath Lab

  1. Calling all Cath lab RN's... I've been training as a circulator in a small cath lab (8-10 cases/day split in between two rooms) for about a month. My preceptor has already blantantly stated, "I really don't care for teaching at all." Today's feedback from my preceptor was:

    1. I am able to efficiently ID the coronaries as well as lesions on fluoro
    2. I just need to get faster at dropping things the MD's call out

    However when I ask about how to prioritize the items called out or ways to improve my efficiency she just answers with, "It will come with time." Then she told me, "If I had to train under the MD's that she had train under that I would be eaten alive." I am really discouraged at this point because there is no one else available to precept me so I seem to be stuck "Betty Better-than-Everyone".

    If anyone can please provide any insight on how to prioritize or combine tasks to increase my efficiency, I would be extremely grateful.

    BTW: I am a former ICU RN (3 years)

    Thank you for your time and any help provided.
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  3. by   Picklebee5
    I work in a cath lab where nurses also scrub. This provides a better understanding of what your scrubber needs. I too get very overwhelmed at times with everything that must be done in a short period. I try to get a head start on making sure my scrubber has what he or she needs as soon as I see a lesion. I throw everything on except for the inflator, but keep it ready. Then I look at my anticoagulants/antiplatelets and have doses ready. Then by the time the MD yells for supplies I have most things ready to go. It's all about being able to anticipate what they will need before they ask for it, and that comes with time. Hope that helps.