New Graduate RN Cardiac/Thoracic Surgery Unit

  1. Hello!

    I am an LPN who will be graduating this May 2017 to become an RN. I was recently give offers to many units one being cardiac/thoracic surgery unit. Cardiac seems to be becoming my passion.

    I was wondering how nurses like a unit like this? And if if would be a good one?

    My other offers were Neuro, Renal, and a gen Med/surg floor. Any advice, help, opinions would be awesome!
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    It is a great unit and you WILL learn a lot. I started out on a CVT stepdown and I am very happy that I did that. Being on a CT surg floor will make you a very strong floor nurse as long as you are open to learning, can move very fast, know how to prioritize, and can think quickly on your feet.

    Starting on this unit also prepares you for the Critical Care realm if you choose to continue on in your nursing career. Good luck!!!