My ortho floor is getting monitors!

  1. Seems like the hospital has a lil cash to throw around so our inpatient rooms are getting cardiac monitors. I have been gifted with writing the process standard for this. I do have a big question though, what do you do when you have monitored patients and you go to lunch? Who minds the phones? Also, is there any of you out there working on a tele floor without ACLS??
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  3. by   nursej22
    Our medical telemetry floor has chosen not to require the RNs to be ACLS trained. They call a rapid response for arrhythmias or chest pain. The stat RN will assess, initiate treatment and then transfer to our unit (Cardiac Tele), the stepdown unit, or ICU prn.
    We have monitor techs who alert the RN for arrhythmias via telephone. Nurses cover each other for breaks and thus the phones as well.