Left Bundle Branch Block

  1. OK guys, I am not asking about a theoretical patient, but about myself. I went for a routine physical and there was some increased amplitude in the R wave in the lateral leads from the previous 12-lead. My PCP referred me for a stress test.

    I did a nuclear stress test this morning and experienced a rate dependent left bundle branch block at around 148 bpm. My resting pulse rate was 58 and my resting 12-lead was normal. My scan revealed "no significant occlusion of any of the cardiac arteries". The cardiologist said that no interventions were needed at this time.

    My question is will this condition resolve with continued weight loss, or is it permanent? Also, I found it odd that the cardiologist did not recommend any restrictions in activity such as strenuous cardiovascular exercise. Is this normal?
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    Please see the Terms of Service which states Allnurses does not offer medical advice. Best of luck to you.