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  1. HI everyone,
    I graduate in December and want to work in ICU, except I have heard some negative things about new grads working in this area. I was wondering if anyone thinks it is better to work on a step down or telemetry unit first and then to move into ICU later on. I really want to work in the ICU but, I also want to get the best experience so that I become an excellent nurse. I would hate to start in ICU and flounder.
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  3. by   Marty1
    I think the fact that you realize ICU can be a bear is very cool
    If you have the oportunity to work in a step down unit I would start there that way you will feel more comfortable with your rhythms ect.
    Good luck
  4. by   live4today
    I agree with Marty.....stepdown (or a telemetry unit) is a great unit to learn on without feeling the RUSH that you may feel in ICU.....also, I notice both of you are new to Allnurses! Welcome aboard!
  5. by   MollyMo
    I agree with Marty and Renee. And welcome aboard!!