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  1. I left my Med Surg position end of Jan 2018 because I was very unhappy with the culture at the hospital. I told my job that I was leaving for travel nursing. I did plan on working with travel agency & they told me to contact them when I was ready. I took some time off to remodel my home so that I can get it ready to place on the market. In middle of remodeling my husband had to get a shoulder replacement. So, here I am 6-7 months later & no RN job. The agency said I've been off floor too long. I'm concerned I will not be able to find a nursing job locally either because of the long gap. Not sure what to say in interviews. Usually I have a job lined up before leaving but I was so miserable & depressed that it was affecting me looking for another position. Advice please?
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    Seven months doesn't seem like long at all. The length and type of experience you had before your break will probably be much more important.