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  1. I work in a cath lab and are intrested to know if any labs out there are multiskilling. I am a representative of a pilot group looking in to the possibilitiies of multiskilling with in the disciplines using senior members of the team Rads Nurses and Tech's. I would be very intrested to hear your thoughts and any infomation you have regarding this subject.
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  3. by   Taryn
    I have worked in labs where the staff included both RT's and RN's and every staff member performed every job function. No exception. It can make the orientation for a new team member longer but my opinion is that it's a good system. Dividing job duties seems to also divide the staff. The RT's have their strengths and the nurses have theirs. It is a highly workable and pleasant atmosphere when information is shared. I have learned alot from the RT's I have worked with...hopefuly they would say the same about me.