From ICU to Cath lab (with school)

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    So I'm digging straight into the whole "new year new me" quote. I've been an ICU nurse for near 3 years and was just offered a job in a cath lab today. Additionally, I start online prerequisites next week for my BSN (lifespan psych and stats). I'm getting a bit nervous with all this "newness" in my life.

    I say this because the new job and duties shouldn't be a problem but it's that, you never know when your shift will end in the cath lab. Will I have problems with assignment deadlines? Has anyone here taken online classes with your cath lab job? It should be a little flexible with online courses but my schedule will be M-F 7-430 with your on calls added into the mix.

    This is is a great opportunity with a pay raise and getting my foot in the door with the medical device clinical specialist role I'm hunting for. But I'm a bit nervous stacking the new job and classes all in one.

    Thanks for your help and advice!

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