1. I work on a 16 bed CCU and everytime we have to put a S/G in or a temp. wire ,we have to take the pt. to the SPR to be done under fluoro. Just wondering how many hospitals do this and how many float them in at the bedside?
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  3. by   CCL"Babe"
    They used to float more swans. CCU used to have a treatment room with fluoro, the fluoro doesn't work any more so the patients come down to the cath lab. If the cath lab isn't open, we get called in.
    ICU patients still get most of their swans floated, without fluoro.
  4. by   st4304
    In our ICU, the intensivists will float swans placing by watching the pressures and then will order portable bedside fluoro for the record, but the CVU and ER patients needing a swan or a temp wire are taken down to the cath lab. If after cath lab hours, cath lab staff is called in.

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