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  1. Does anybody know the website for the critical care nurse certification exam? I would like to eventually be certified and need info. THANX
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  3. by   MoghraRN
    Healing Touch -
    Go the (american association of critical care nurses)
    I plan to be certified eventually as well....but need some time to study!!!
  4. by   MoghraRN
    I think the web site is
    I was there a few weeks ago looking for the same information.
    It's expensive, and I have a feeling I'll need some time to study.
    Is anyone certified and can give me any pointers?
  5. by   hoolahan
    The site is Good Luck
  6. by   yoli
    The web site is The cost is expensive but well worth it. The exam is hard but with studying it can be passed. I basically listened to Laura Garparis tapes (a series of four). I also took the tests in the preparation book, what I did not do well on I studied. I passed on the first try. Good luck.

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