Cath Lab Scheduling Solution

  1. I work in a cardiac cath lab at a level 1 trauma center. We have 5 labs, soon to be 6, and two dedicated EP rooms. We are pretty busy all the time, but we are using an outdated scheduling system that is killing the staff. We are pulling 14+ hours while being on call. We work with a group of about 17 cardiologists that cath in the lab. We can go from 10 cases/day to 35 cases/day. The scheduling system that we use now is on paper and can lead to us being overbooked very easily. I was just wondering if any of you guys out there have any suggestions or have found something that works for your lab.

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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Case scheduling? Many EMRs have capability of managing that. Epic maintains all of our procedural and surgical areas case schedules. It averages times and blocks the room out for the average length of a type of case.