Any recommendations for reference pocket/handbook on coronary care?

  1. Hi, I'm new to CCU and am based in the UK;I already have Dubin's Rapid ECG''' from the US and i enjoy his style...Now I would like to buy a reference pocket/handbook on coronary care that will assist me in my learning day to day duties...
    Can anyone plse' help with recommendations....

    Many Thanks

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  3. by   sirI
    hello, joanmc and welcome to

    the aacn pocket handbook of critical care nursing is an excellent resource.

    also, check out this thread in the ccu forum for other helpful information:

    helpful information for the unit

    enjoy the site here at allnurses!!

  4. by   gstrahan
    Welcome to Kathy White Learning Systems - Home of Fast Facts for Adult Critical Care

    Fast Facts for Adult Critical Care is a gold mine of information.

    Standard Chapters: Cardiovascular; Hemodynamics; ACLS; Stat Meds; Med Facts; Drip Tables; ECG; Pacing; Respiratory; Neuro; Renal/Endo; Lab/IV's/Bld;

    Optional Chapters: Trauma Care; IABP; CV Surgery; Pediatrics

    Several people in my unit have one and refer to it frequently.