ACC Data Collectors?????

  1. hi...i'm old to thise site, but new to posting threads. i wanted to know of there are any fellow rn's (or non-rns) participating in the acc national cardivascular data registry (i.e. action, care, icd, cath/pci). i've been doing data collection for the cath/pci registry for my institution and wanted to know how is it going for you? what has your experience been like? what have you found easy? what have you found difficult?
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  3. by   dianah
    Not participating (that I'm aware of), sorry.

    How is the data collection going for YOU, what is your experience with it??
  4. by   jjjoy
    This is a bit of a late response but I do ACC data collection for my facility. I'd love to talk to others who do this!! Feel free to PM me!!
  5. by   cathnurs
    I am also involved with the collection of ACC data for the Cath PCI registry for my facility. I am rather frustrated with the vendor we use for submission of the data but would love to hear from you regarding your experience.