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Cardiac certifications - what do you think?

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by sarolarn sarolarn, BSN, RN (Member)

sarolarn is a BSN, RN and specializes in Telemetry.

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Which certification did you get/do you recommend?

  1. 1. Which certification did you get/do you recommend for cardiac tele?

    • PCCN
    • RN-BC
    • CVRN
    • PCCN plus CMC/CSC
    • Other?

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I'm working on a cardiac tele unit and am looking into getting certified. Some people on my unit went for their CVRN, others PCCN, and a couple more went through AACN for cardiac vascular RN-BC. I'm looking for a bit more feedback on these certs and wanted some input from those of you who got certified and why you chose which cert over the others. Thanks!

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