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Capitol Medical Center or Commonwealth Hospital?


I'm having a dilleme which training schould I undergo. If you were given the chance, which training would you attend to? Capitol Medical Center or Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center?

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You could go either of those hospitals. First of all, training does not count to your experience. If you're planning to work abroad (which I presume) it will not be considered as bedside experience. Secondly, availing of their post graduate training program does not guarantee that you will get hired. So better choose the more affordable and accessible among the two because expect that it will cost you a lot for the payment and allowance. The Capitol Med has long been running as compared to the Commonwealth Hospital. If you're after the name or reputation of the hospital, then grab the Capitol Med. Practically speaking, since it's just a training program go for the cheaper one. There is no difference between training in Capitol or Commonwealth Med. Think about it. Good luck and God bless you!

Thanks for that information. By the way when did you pass your requirements?