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Capella's RN to BSN program

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Hello everyone,

I am nearly done with my first year of nursing school. I am in an associates program, and will continue on to receive a BSN after I graduate. Currently, I am looking in to Capella's RN-BSN program. It seems pretty solid as it is accredited by the same organization as my current nursing school (a community college), not to mention their per-credit-hour cost is lower than most schools. However, I've heard both positive and negative remarks regarding for-profit schools in general. Personally, I don't see why I wouldn't receive an education worthy of a BSN at Capella. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced first-hand (or through friends/family) how Capella's RN-BSN program works and whether its worth looking in to.

Any advice is appreciated!

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I was also interested in Capella, I am curious what people will say. Thanks for asking the quesiton....

I looked into it, but it isn't Regionally accredited so I was not interested.


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What do you mean? It's accredited by the CCNE as are many other competing schools.


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I talked to Capella yesterday and they said they are regionally accredited.