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cant get back in acute care!

ksparks ksparks (New) New

Has 9 years experience.

I started my nursing career in acute care. I had health problems and quit my job andafter 9 months moved and I took a job in LTC because i needed something fast. Since then i have had trouble getting a job back in a hospital. Most of the jobs say something in the description of previous experience which i have but its been 6 yrs now that ive been out of the hospital and trying to get back in for the last 3. since the economy tanked vacancys have shrunk. I cant even get a call back. i spoke with a nurse recruiter and she said i may be being passed over for jobs because they only consider the last few yrs of a resume. How can i get back where i belong?!

In Texas there are refresher courses that are recommended if you haven't been in a hospital for over a year. Perhaps your area has something like that?