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Can't Find Job


Just started a consent agreement and cant find a job. Has any one ever heard of a new nurse w/ a consent agreement never finding a job?


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Keep trying. Be honest and humble. Best wishes! :cool:

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Honestly, if you look at the forums, there's nurses across the entire united states who aren't finding work. Unfortunately, the economy is hitting everyone hard.

How very sad...where are you?? Here we are in the middle of a HUGE nursing shortage....and we have nurses that can't find jobs? Something is very wrong with this picture. I was looking at job opportunities a few weeks ago at 2 of the local hospitals here in NW Arkansas and there are over 100 open nursing positions between the 2 that were listed.

Cleve, oh. My restrictions are home health/agency. I can only work nursing homes/hospitals for 2 year probationary period.

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