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Can't decide!

by Missy765 Missy765, LPN (New) New

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I was planning on applying for a LPN-ASN program this fall(2020) for the class of 2022 after passing the TEAS test. I have taken it twice in the last year and am off around 6 points in science. The program has about 6 pre reqs, only 2 of which I have. This program is 3 semesters (after taking the remaining pre reqs.)

I got accepted into a LPN-BSN program starting next month. This program is 3 years and I would graduate in the Summer of 2023. It is a private college but LPNs get 40% off the cost of traditional students making it almost as much as the ASN program (once I finish my BSN and my prereqs for my BSN from there.)

So, I am not sure if I should wait to start the ASN program next year or start this program and be done in 3 years... opinions and advice are welcome. Just trying to weigh the options.


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My personal opinion: if I were you, I’d do the ASN program, become an RN, secure a nursing job, and let the employer pay for the BSN which, by the way if all goes as planned, you’d still receive your BSN in 2023 (depending on the RN-BSN bridge program you choose).